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Fabian Devereux – Grainwise

Grain broker, linking grain growers to grain buyers.

I’m Fabian Devereux, owner of Grainwise. I’m a passionate grain broker interested in finding you the best deal for your grain. I give you, the grower, up to date market information to help make your grain selling decisions easier.

By keeping up to date with market information and getting to know your marketing requirements, I provide you with Market Intel to suit. It’s not always about the best price, it’s about executing the grain that suits the buyer and seller.

I offer a range of sale methods including

  • System sales eg local grain storage such as Graincorp, Emerald Storage or Private storage
  • Ex farm – from your local storage
  • Delivered markets – we can help organise your own transport
  • Or, we can arrange transport if required.

I get the best farm gate return possible.

I have passion for this industry that has extended to creating a free app for farmers to look up grain prices. For more information about the app.

I get the best possible return for your grain in the market on any given day.

I make selling your grain easy, so get in touch now on 03 5022 7888.

Why Grainwise as your grain broker?

How I Work For You

At Grainwise we know how hard you work as a grower.

As a transaction based grain broker, I work hard to get you the best return price for your grain – measured on every deal that we do.

I give you the latest market information, helping you make better decisions.

Who I Am

I’m Fabian Devereux your trusted grain broker.

I’ve been in the grain industry for over a decade, staying up to date on market trends and getting you the best price for your grain.

I’m passionate about supporting and developing the grain industry and supporting the growers I deal with.

How to Work With Me

Choosing to work with Grainwise means that you can focus on farming, not on selling. I stay up to date on what’s happening in the market, so you don’t have to.

Call now for a chat about your grain marketing requirements 03 5022 7888.

You only pay once the transaction has been done.

Get the best price for your

grain today